Friday, July 17, 2009

Man on Wire

Man on Wire is a movie about Philippe Petit, a name that is quite ironic because Petit is quite larger than life. His descriptions and movements really carries this film along and pulls you into his story.

Philippe Petit was a young man who became a very talented tightrope walker. When he heard about the plans for the twin towers in New York, he knew that it was his life's mission to conquer those towers. With the his showiness and charisma he convinces friends to help him in his, and now their, journey.

The film is crafted like an old bank heist movie. Luckily his crew filmed much of the planning those decades ago so there is lots of film for them to work with. We find ourselves sucked into the events leaving us balancing on the edge of our seats. I found myself more worried about our hero Philippe walking on a string in this movie than I have about a giant space rock destroying life on earth or the sun becoming extinguished in other movies.

All of this leads up to something so magical and beautiful as man walking on the clouds and standing on the shoulders of the gods. Doing so with style and a smirk.

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