Friday, May 29, 2009

The Bicycle Thief

A while back I was coming off the Williamsburg bridge on my bike. The path turns into a sidewalk and I stayed on it to avoid the car traffic. I probably stayed on the sidewalk a little too long, but I didn't see any problem. I was promptly stopped by a group of Cops, looking for hardened criminals such as myself.

They stopped me and wrote me a ticket for riding my bike on the sidewalk. They said that there had been recent burglaries where bike riders had snatched purses, I'm not sure why telling a thief to ride on the street would stop him from stealing but I wasn't going to argue with the NYPD.

My ticket was thrown out or something, I got something in the mail that said that I didn't have to go to court. Maybe the cop just had a quota of tickets to give out for the month. I'm sure my mild mannered appearance (not wearing a viking helmet or carrying Alien spinal chords) is one reason I didn't have to go to court, but I am glad the cops had caught me at the end of the bridge. Luckily they didn't see what my daily routine was while crossing the bridge.


  1. i'm not surprised. at all. not even a little.

    btw, where are the kid's parents? taking the photo?!

  2. So should have aimed lower, at that angle you've got zero chance of having him clear the rails and end up in the river.