Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adam and Ida

The science world has a case of "the vapors" with the recent discovery of Ida. Whether Ida is the holy grail of science or not, she is an amazing discovery. She is yet another dot to connect us to our beginnings.

Ida may be the most recent and public that we can remember but she isn't the first missing link found, and she probably won't be the last. With the world changing as it is, religion is starting to take note (whether they stand hard against it or attempt to change with it).

The Vatican recently hosted a conference on evolution. The Catholic church has never taken the Bible as exact fact but other religions will have to start rethinking their beginnings if they are going to stay culturally relevant to a generation that is only learning faster and exposed to more with the aid of the internet and other media.

Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and they were frightened by the realization of their own nudity. The tree of life that Ida swung from may bring a realization of our own mortality and all the fears that come with that realization. Is there a garden of Eden waiting for us after we become extinct?


  1. thought-provoking blog post with a great conclusion.

    ...interesting how you "forgot" eve in this depiction. a typical southern trademark!

  2. I believe Ida is supposed to represent Eve.

    If the apple is uneaten, why is Adam wearing a leaf? Were you afraid to draw his junk? hahaha