Saturday, April 18, 2009

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is a movie starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in an unforgettable story of romance. Hepburn plays a princess who feels trapped and held from a world of freedom, so she escapes. In an inebriated state (from medication) she is found by Gregory Peck. Peck's character also feels trapped, but by a lack of money and that debt has kept him held from his dream to return to New York and become the news man he thinks he can be.

At first Peck is very upset that this nuisance has fell on his doorstep, and that he is really unable to get rid of her. The next day he has an interview with the princess of all people. He awakes late for the interview and plays an intellectual game of cat and mouse with his boss where he finds out the princess is told to be ill, and that the woman sleeping on his couch is the very same princess! He enlists the help of his photographer friend and a plan is put in motion to get very candid details of the princesses life, the very thing that could free him from his debt.

Audrey Hepburn, as always, plays the roll of the whimsical young girl masterfully. She is unaware of Peck's plan as he flirts with her to get the interview he feels like he needs. Over the length of the movie the two fall in love (and it is great to see Hepburn fall in love with someone who appears to be closer to her age).

We have watched a string of Audrey Hepburn movies, and this one has to be my favorite. Gregory Peck is one of the great Actors, Hepburn is forever lovable and the setting of Rome is ideal for two people to slowly fall in love before our very eyes.

I chose the Necker cube in my illustration to show that though both people felt trapped, these two love birds may not have been trapped in the way that they had perceived. Sometimes life is not as easy to categorize as we sometimes think. One day you may feel free as a bird and other days you may feel as though you're caged and held from your dream. Both days belong to the same person and the same life and the same dream. Sometimes we just have to focus our eyes on one thing and then maybe our lives will appear as we like or as we hoped they would when we were younger.

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