Friday, April 24, 2009

Boys Beware!

That old balding man with the mustache and a bow tie who wants to hang out with little boys might not have the best of intentions? It is hard for me to believe that people were just this Naive, that it was on the government's shoulders to tell kids not to talk to strangers.

Some friends and I found this video years ago when we stumbled on a site of public domain videos. It's initially very funny with the "Mayberry" type of approach to pedophilia. Then the more you watch it's quite offensive. The fact that at this time homosexuality was seen as a sickness and on the same level as being a sex offender in this country is quite disturbing. We sometimes like to think we're far removed from the time when Oscar Wilde was jailed for "homosexual activities", but it's videos like these in our own parents lifetimes that force some people to completely hide a large part of their lives. I sometimes take for granted that I am able to act however I want without fearing that people will judge me about a part of who I am. I guess that being stereotyped as a person who likes fashion and the miss America pageant is better than this stereotype of a person who has a creepy mustache, balding, bow tie and carries around pornographic playing cards.

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