Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Green X-mas

With Christmas coming up, let Santa know what you want his year in a new way. Email is quicker, easier to store and better for the earth. Emailing will better ensure that St. Nick puts your name under "nice".


  1. Trees that are specifically grown to be Christmas trees are not hurting the environment. They do a lovely job of purifying the air while they are here with us. Plus, they get to be a beautiful sight in one's home. Actually, they do more for the environment then most trees. They are planted and grown to Christmas tree size within roughly a year's time, they purify their adopter's home for a short time before being used as an intricate part of building up shorelines. They are heroes! Everyone should help fulfill all Christmas tree's destinies!!

  2. Thanks for the input, but the idea was for us to save paper and trees by emailing Mr. Claus instead of sending him paper mail.

  3. Christmas is a corporate establishment invented by the capitalistic swine society known as "AMERICA".