Tuesday, June 1, 2010

British invasion

The gulf spill is becoming a real black eye for this country. As it comes up on the shore BP is coming up with just more futile attempts to stop the encroaching oil. I came up with this image as a redesign of their logo with a topical twist. A friend of mine tipped me off that there is a competition by greenpeace to redesign their logo. I encourage everyone to send in entries.



  1. Oil is liquid death, the oil beneath the Gulf specifically being the remnants of the dinosaur extinction, via killer asteroid.

    To sustain a world economy on liquid death is wrong in so many ways. The Dutch use wind and sunlight to suplement their energy needs.

    Let's get windmills and solar panels in place and stop these inanimate corporations from ruining any more of our irreplaceable natural resources in the name of unquenchable corporate greed and profit.

  2. For sure. I couldn't think of a better reason to make a push towards electric vehicles and wind power.