Monday, September 28, 2009

Spirit airlines

Recently we visited my girlfriend's family in Florida. Like most people we are looking to save money, so we decided to fly Spirit airlines since they were the cheapest flight.

From beginning to end they did not disappoint. From the moment we arrived to where we had to wait for our flight we knew that we had got what we paid for. From a distance I could see their logo that just screamed "we pinch pennies", which is why I adjusted their logo to remove the subtlety from their design. The flight was cramped, the terminal was messy and nothing was complimentary.

I don't consider myself snobby about these things and I am very sure that I'll fly with them again, because I'm cheap. I just thought that they did a great job of getting their message across that they're a cheap airline, they might as well just come out and say it.


  1. They'd save evem more money if they made it "Sprit" by having to print only 1 "i".

  2. If they still use a letterpress I'm sure they run it once with one "I" and then run it against with the "I" placed in the other area to save them from buying another letter.